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Terms & Conditions

Thanks for taking the time to read over the terms of service and website policies.

Your use of the Website constitutes Your acceptance of, and agreement to the following Terms of Use. reserves the right to modify, alter, amend or update its website, policies and these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use are subject to change without notice. If You do not agree with or do not accept any part of these Terms of Use, You must not use the Website or purchase from Shannon Crow.


With any physical activity, risk of injuries is possible. Yoga and other fitness activities are no substitute for medical diagnosis. As a student, you have the responsibility and assume the risk of yoga and physical activities and release the teachers of from any liability claims. You are participating in classes or workshops and are aware of the physical risks involved with exercise and understand it is Your personal responsibility to consult with Your doctor or other health care provider regarding Your participation. has every possible effort to ensure the yoga programmes, workshops and consultancy have been checked for accuracy. However, there is no guarantee that you will see positive results to your health or attain your desired health objective using the techniques prescribed by

Any statements related to health, income or earnings potential, regardless of medium, are examples of what may be possible in the future. makes no guarantees regarding results, present or future. is not responsible for Your earnings, income, sales, or any other business performance as a result of this Agreement.

Your Responsibility

Yoga courses, classes and consultation are strictly developed for educational purposes only. These are not intended for medical purpose and you understand and agree that You are fully responsible for Your use and consequences. makes no representations, warranties and guarantees. The result of classes may vary from person to person. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions that may appear in the Courses, Classes, Consultations or Products.

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